Ordering Info

Minimum of $50 & 3g per strain per order please. 

Hours of operation are usually 7:30am - 7:30pm. (NST)

502 Gateway errors are common server errors ..  if you encounter these - simply refresh the page and our site will load again. 

Our Rosin is now being prepared to order. Orders MAY be delayed one day to ensure full extraction will be completed. Most likely this will not be the case. Depending on how dry the flower actually is at the time of ordering.


If an item is showing out of stock, please feel free to msg us - we may be able to restock the item right away or MAYBE give you an ETA.  Once a product is sold out completely we will remove it from the site.


All orders received after 2:00pm (NST) will be mailed out the next business day. Most orders  arrrive in usually 3 days at max to B.C. 2 to prairies and  western / rural Ontario. Depending on Canada post we usually can get to urban Ontario overnight and most definitely overnight in the maritimes.

Please submit to us your ID first - we require to see this once before we send out your first order.

To confirm age reply back to our Twitter account@ShoTimeCanada or email admin@sho-time.co with your current (not expired) government issued photo ID so we can verify your age (must be 19+). 

Please ensure our email is on your trusted senders list and is not being sent to your spam folder. Once we verify your ID we will delete it from our records  - upon your request.

For etransfers please ensure our recipient name is "SSC Consultations and Logistics" if this name is not present we cannot accept the payment. We will request you cancel the etransfer (which may cost you money) and delete or change the recipient information, then resend with the proper name. 

For the question regarding the etransfer you may simply mash the keyboard with random characters this will indicate to us what the password will be or you can simply write "shotime"

To avoid any additional delays or errors on our behalf, please ensure that the password for etransfers is ALWAYS: "golden17" 

Please Refrain in ususing "dummy" email addresses. We may want to contact you regarding your order .. if you do create one - please check it periodically once you have submitted your  order. 

If identification and / or payment has not been received after 72 hours of receiving order, we will sadly have to cancel it.

Please DO NOT use pseudonyms / fake names / addresses. Your order will get cancelled, sorry.


We will not accept etransfers until the last moment just before we purchase shipping ... giving you the opportunity to cancel if something comes up. Once your etransfer is received, accepted and we have completed your order on our end we will provide you with a Canada post tracking number. All orders are provided with a tracking number so when delivery has occurred we both will know - this is your delivery guarantee. 

We always ship in discreet vacuum sealed, double layered packaging - just in case Canada post ends up tearing the outside packaging, no one will be able to see the contents or a vacuum sealed bag. 

We always send without a signature due they cost a bit more. 

If you do require a signature please indicate so on one of your order items. There is an option called "Order notes:". Simply click this check box and a new box will appear for you to add notes to your order.

If you have a locking community mailbox there is no need for a signature, but your choice inevitably. If you do ask for a signature and  you have a community mailbox.. AND miss the signature - there is a potential that you MAY not be able to collect your order until the next day. 

If your order does not show up and is lost/stolen, we will investigate. Please do not contact Canada post regarding this or that will void this guarantee.

In the end if Canada post cannot locate your order we will gladly replace your package at our expense.

 If an order shows as being successfully delivered, we will not be able to reimburse or re-send an order.

If your original order does happen to show up please either pay for it and keep it OR let us know you are returning it to us and mark it "return to sender". 

We'll keep an eye on the original tracking number also for at least a month or two while all this is happening.

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